Goda ord om mitt arbete

Goda ord från mina klienter och vänner om mitt arbete som familjemedlem och fotograf.
Tack allihopa! Det är alltid en glädje i mitt hjärta att fotografera fantastiska berättelser.

Maternity Photograph, Gravidfotografering, Gravid Fotograf, Stockholm, Växjö,Sweden, Sverige, Europe
I always enjoyed recording the important moments and so I have many photos saved. But the most magical moment was coming. The timing of having a child and this record should be special. When we were looking for a professional who could move us with his images, we found Talitha.

We held the photo section for a whole day and although we did not have experience in being photographed, Talitha made us super comfortable and managed to find incredible angles in places she had never been. A charismatic person who is totally committed to work. We were super happy with the result of our “pregnant” photos. These are beautiful photos that you can check out by visiting the site!

We certainly recommend Talitha’s work and we will still meet other times for trials of pregnant women and other occasions..

Grazi and Douglas, Växjö – Sweden

“Talitha has a sensitive and delicate look, while at the same time mastering the technique of photography, but above all, her posture is one of compromise: long term, poetic aesthetics, careful to be photographed.”
Alessandra Spinelli, Brazil.

Family Photography, Familj Fotograf, Stockholm, Sweden
Talitha was very attentive and dedicated in all the photo sessions that we did with her, especialy during the newborn session, she was very patient, always respecting baby’s time!
The after-service photo was pretty good, with the previous ones and everything. It is always a pleasure to receive that cute little box if the sender is Talitha Cicon!
Gabriela Favaro, Brazil

Family Photography, Familj Fotograf, Stockholm, Sweden
Excellent professional, conduct the work with great sensitivity and affection!
Vívian Santos, Brazil

A super talent in enchanting babies, a professional who really likes what she does.
I did some photos with her and I really recommend her work!!!
Claudia Fierro, Brazil

A sensitive eye on everything that surrounds the family, Talitha Cicon is an example of professionalism, someone who studies, improves and develops to offer customers incredible memories.
The most beautiful photos I have of my daughter were clicked by her.
Flavia Saad, Brazil

Delicate, patient and great professional. I did my maternity photo session in unusual and unique places.
She registered with emotion and delicacy the birth of my daughter, Lara. Also she photographed my baby’s growth and 1st year birthday party.

Geisa Principe, Brazil

What I can say about Talitha is that she is extremely professional. Attentive, patient and capricious, always seeking an excellent result for her clients.
They are not only beautiful pictures, they are memories with emotion, that show in detail that special moment of your life and that was recorded in the best possible way.

Kika Paiva, Australia

One of the most talented professionals I’ve ever worked with. Owner of a unique look … She is able to capture in images what is transmitted in the air, extremely affectionate and dedicated to work. Each photo is treated with love and sensitivity. I’m a fan.

Patricia Rogelia, Brazil

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer |  Nyfödd Fotograf – Available in Stockholm, Sweden and All Europe
Talitha I went to get the album and I’m delighted! Loved everything! You’re awesome! I loved the picture frame, the chocolate, the albums, they were beautiful, I really loved it!
It was such a gift! Even in the gift box came, how cute!
I thank all the affection, it was pure love!
Thank you from the heart.
Fabianne, Brazil

We’ve been together for over 11 years … Even though I’m a suspect to speak about her, I’m the person who follows her more closely.
I can say that Talitha is one of the most thoughtful, talented and dedicated people I know. Whether for the courage to be a pioneer in her area, developing local niches that previously did not exist or for the compliments I hear personally about your work, I’m sure you’re among the best.
Congratulations and a lot of success for you!

Fabio Paes Pedro, my dear husband.


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